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Breath in its substance is inexorable

Breathwork method by Prof. I. Middendorf


Breathwork (perceptible breath) involves work that focuses on respiratory rate

The method

Exercises that provide students with the chance to experience their natural respiratory rate. Breathing becomes subject to study and a source of knowledge. The practical experience is expressed in words in group classes and in individual sessions. Learning involves a physical transformation, a state of mind and balanced breathing.



– Body areas of breathing
– Breath and centres
– Rising, falling and horizontal breathing
– Vocal area of breathing
– Breath and organs
– Breath and resistance
Substance in breathing
– Dimensions

And many more…



Individual sessions

Times to be arranged beforehand

Start: 13th September 2021

Weekly classes (Face-to-face or virtual)

Start: 12th October 2021


Open to non-professionals.

All Saints Day long weekend

30th October to 1st November 2021

Continuing Professional Development (Breathwork professionals)

(Face-to-face or virtual)

24th to 26th September 2021 in Valdorba

4th to 6th February 2022 in San Sebastián

3rd to 5th June in Valdorba

Intensive (Professionals)(Face-to-fade or virtual)

5 days: Immaculate Conception long weekend

4Th to 8th December 2021


Courses may be arranged outside San Sebastián in any country (Spain, Latin America, etc.)

Please contact us for further information.


Wolfgang Jurgies

Professional training in Breathwork (perceptible breath) in Germany

20 years’ in-depth study with Prof. Ilse Middendorf, Berlin

30 years’ teaching and running the Middendorf Institut in San Sebastian

And training professionals.




Interview on EITB

Breath in terms of dimensions


BREATH AND ITS MEANING FOR HUMANS (Available in German and Spanish)

In 40 pages this little book (available in Spanish and German) leads us directly to the experience of Breath. In her usual direct and concise manner, Professor Ilse Middendorf opens the door to her life’s work: Breathexperience. A piece of writing with practical exercises for everyone who has always wanted to know more about their natural breathing. From “What is Breath exactly?” to “Vocal Breath”, “Breath and Hand”, and “Breath and Spinal Column”, we are immersed in thorough research, relying on practice. “If we want to get to know our breath and with it get to know our very selves, we need to experience it”. So, reader – read and experience…

You can get a copy of the book at Middendorf Institute in San Sebastian.

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