Individual Treatment



The individual treatment is a “Dialogue through Breath”. This “dialogue” is the encounter between the teacher and the student. It normally takes place while the student, dressed, is lying down on a massage couch. It’s a painless therapy.

The teacher perceives the natural (unconscious) Breath with his hands. He “sees” with his hands and “reads” the respiratory flow in the body to learn about the patient. As the student restores their breathing rhythm, they discover an innate lightness – a perceptive consciousness that can be acknowledged by and in the body. In this encounter originates the potential growth of breath movement, its expansion in the entire body, and its rhythmic balance. That way, during the treatments, the whole body “learns” about its reality. Every breath can grow and become palpable through its expansive wave even in the remote corners of the body.
During the one-hour session, the teacher-therapist accompanies the process of existential subjectification of the student – Breath becomes subjective for the student, and objective in its movement for the therapist.

The human being is recognised and manifests itself in its Breath. As a result, personal balance and wellbeing are normally achieved.

The temporary and the permanent Being are differentiated and clarified. The student learns about the new potential of feeling and the knowledge of intuition. Words acquire meaning in their basic sense – they are sensed. Breath, in its primary rhythm, is directed towards the essence of the human being.

One individual treatment = 60 minutes.