Who We Are

Who We Are


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Wolfgang Jurgies

During the 1980s, while he was working on his doctoral dissertation at the University of the Basque country in San Sebastian, Wolfgang decided to acquire professional training in this particular method of breath therapy, and he went to Germany.

He has two university degrees, in Anthropology and Romanic Philology (with honours), obtained from the University of Göttingen, Germany. He is fluent in German, Spanish, English, and French.

At present, he is interested in researching Breathexperience, a change towards the balance that the study of the human body captures by means of breath movement.

He mainly works in his school in San Sebastian and across Spain, although Mexico and other countries have also seen his work.


Luis Goenaga Zanguitu

Doctor (Valladolid, 1981), BA in Physical Education (Institute of Physical Education, University of Antioquia), BA in Theoretical Philosophy (University of the Basque Country), BA in Homeopathy (University of the Basque Country), specialised in osteopathy (member of the Cranial Osteopathy Academy), and professor of this discipline at the National Distance Education University.