What Is?

¿What is Breathexperience?

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Breathexperience was created by Professor Ilse Middendorf (1910 – 2008), Berlin, who dedicated her life to developing this innovative breath education.

It fosters the development and growth of human abilities: the physical abilities of the body, the mental abilities of the psyche, and personal creativity.

The objective is to experience natural breath movement, unique to each and every one of us – the breath movement that defines me both subjectively and objectively. The knowledge I gain from experiencing Breath gradually increases my ability to feel, perceive, have intuition, and think.

This process presents me with the gift of discovering my essence, my sources of strength and joy.

Applications of Breathexperience are countless: they can be found in both our personal selves and our professional life. Breath movement has no limits; it always affects me in my entirety – my body, my soul, and my spirit. The Breath therapy can lead to wellbeing we have never experienced before – the experience of “one’s own Self”.

This is what prominent allopathic medicine experts have said about Breathexperience:


Prof. Dr. Med. M. Bühring, Head of Department of Natural Medicine, University Clinic at the University of Berlin:

Breath therapy has found important ways of treating different functional and psychosomatic conditions of the internal body structure and the motor system. It has made a significant contribution to general health care and rehabilitation, as well as to numerous psychological and neurotic dysfunctions.

Breath therapy, which combines physical and mental experiences, also allows us to achieve improved self-awareness and perception of the other in social interactions.

Breath therapists are highly qualified.

I firmly believe that Breath therapy should be given its own place in the offer of medical and therapeutic services (…).

Prof. Dr. Med. E. Huber, president of the Berlin Medical Association, greeted the attendees at the Breath and Sexuality Experience congress in 1995 by saying:

“German health care needs the awareness and the perception of Breath work and Breath therapists.”