Weekly Classes 2018/2019



One-and-a-half-hour group classes are held weekly throughout the academic year, from October to June.


Max. 12 people


How will I benefit from these classes?

You will learn how you breathe, what your Breath is like (its rhythm, frequency, etc.), and how this can help your body and your psyche.


Can Breathwork be painful?

It’s neither painful nor difficult – quite the opposite. The student learns where they are physically healthy; that is where their Breath starts to work, and it guides them towards their physical development.


Is Breathwork difficult to practise?

The student accepts and applies what is taught through practical exercise as best as they can. I can’t be wrong – the way I feel right now influences how I work and is adequate. What exists is my perception, the movement of my Breath, and my freedom and autonomy. My breathing rhythm can lead me to a state of physical and emotional balance.


Some of the students’ comments after one of the weekly classes:

“The fatigue I started with is gone.”

“I feel lighter, calmer, and my sight has improved.”

“I feel so at ease in my own body now – nothing aches any longer!”

“My Breath has changed, and on the inside, in my core, I feel its strength.”

“It’s as if some internal happiness has been created – I feel beautiful.”



Start in 9 October 2018

End in June 2019

Tuesday 18:15 – 19:45



Wolfgang Jurgies


Note: The school reserves the right to make any necessary changes for organisational reasons

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