Easter Course


During the five days of the Easter Week, we have the opportunity to come into close contact with the body and Breath. With a few simple exercises carried out individually, in pairs, and in groups, we learn how we breathe. Standing, sitting on a stool, or lying on the floor the body awakens the feelings, it lives the natural flow of Breath with a presence and enters a state of balance and lightness. The body and Breath movement are inseparable by nature and they show us the state of our body and our mind in every breath. I acknowledge myself and I discover aspects and capabilities of myself that were lying dormant. It is a global awakening.

The spaces that Breath opens in the body become experience. The voice changes, the vowels (and consonants) “inform” us of the bodily space that corresponds to them and they transform the body and the psyche.

Once I reach resistance in Breathwork, I awaken my inner strengths and they oust any sign of depression, rid me of my fears and make anxiety vanish.

Happiness and laughter invade me. With a lot of presence in the three stages of Breath, I learn what my strengths are. That inner gift born in Breath and sustained by it gives me stability and balance. I feel fulfilled and alive.

Subjects include the following, and other related topics:

– Movement and Breath
– Vocal Space of Breath
– The Breath of Resistence
– The Male and the Female in Breathexperience
– Breath and Movement


Wolfgang Jurgies


Middendorf Institut – San Sebastián.



Accommodation may be arranged at the school.


18 – 22 April 2019


18 -> 10.00 h. – 13.30 h. + 16.30 h. – 17.30 h.
19 -> 10.00 h. – 13.30 h.
20 -> 10.00 h. – 13.30 h.
21->  09.30 h. – 13.00 h.
22 -> 09.30 h. – 13.30 h.

Note: The school reserves the right to make any necessary changes for organisational reasons


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